Michal Gruen (weitman)
Elana Sosowsky Willig
Miriam Singal (Ishakis)
With much Hakaras Hatov to Mrs. Press
Racheli Indig
sima bennett
In recognition of Mrs Press
Dasi Lefkowitz
Tova Teichman
Michele (Schultz) Scholar
In honor of Rabbi Kramer, Mrs. Press, Mrs. Schreibman and the wonderful staff and my amazing classmates of ‘77 ולעילוי נשמת יוכבד בת אברהם צבי ע״ה
Chaya Nevo
Yael Mayer
Aliza Weinberg
With deepest Hakaras Hatov to Rabbi Kramer, Mrs. Press, the entire Hanhala, teachers and staff.
Giti Polinsky
Leba Sklar
Shulamith Rosenthal
Sophie Zafrani
Et Taub
Chaya and Daniel Hager
Tziporah Zucker
In appreciation to my teachers and to the prospect faculty. In memory of dear classmates Lauren (Mizrahi) Shalam ע״ה & Rina ((Farkas) Itskowitz ע״ה
Tova Zucker
With הכרת הטוב to my dear teachers and לעילוי נשמות classmates רינה בלימה בת יצחק, ע״ה - Rina (Farkas) Itskowitz and Lauren (Mizrahi) Shalam, ע״ה
Abraham Lebowitz
Zorach and Chaya Baila Spira (Adler, \'91)
In honor of Mrs. Press and the rest of the BLOPPY staff and hanhalah, all of whom have had a profound impact on my life until today.
Ichud Mosdos Hachinuch
In honor of Rabbi Leib Kelman, Shlit"a Model mechanech and devoted klal askan, Sensitive to the individual needs of every child. Thank you for all you have done over the past two decades in making the Ichud program the success that it is. Your guidance, advice and constant concern is greatly appreciated. A special thank you to the High School Hanhala Mrs. Zlata Press שתחי' Mrs. Chanie Greenfeld שתחי' Ms. Carmi Homburger שתחי' A special thank you to the elementary Hanhala Rabbi Akiva Kelman Shlit"a Mrs. Esty Salamon שתחי' Mrs. Chaya Michaeli שתחי' And the entire Faculty. For all your efforts in integrating our students into your classes. וכל מי שעוסקים בצרכי ציבור באמונה, הקדוש ברוך הוא ישלם שכרם. Rabbi Yaakov Mandel Rabbi Moshe M. Twerski The Member Menahalim of Ichud Mosdos Hachinuch of Brooklyn Mrs. Libby Krausz Elementary Principal Mrs. Malky Bergstein High School Principal Ichud Mosdos Hachinuch of Brooklyn
Dina jacobs
Doni and Sara Gross
Tehilla Razla
Miriam Yavne Friedman
Rivki Herzberg
Toba Singer
Leilui nishmas Shalom ben Avraham Yaakov and Miriam bas Yisroel who sacrificed to send me away to Prospect.
Nechie bochner
Esther (Wolman) Elbaum
לעילוי נשמת ביילא צפורה בת ראובן
Rivka Leah (Finkelstein) Schnall
With hakaras hatov to Mrs Press and all my teachers for giving me the most amazing four years of high school that still has a great impact on me today!
Elisheva Indig
Chavie Drillick
Miriam and Sheya Stern
Batsheva Jacobson Frank
Emiliya Rodionova
Leonard Steinberg
Aviva (Emanuel) Friedman
To the incredible Mrs. Press and the amazing staff at BLOPPY.
Raizy Goldberg
Continued Hatzlacha!
Yehudis Lieberman
Ruckie Andrusier Sionit
Fairmont Insurance
Ruchama Colton
Akiva Freilich
Naama Fine
Itty (Rubin) Weiss
In honor of the incredible hanhala of Bnos Leah Prospect Park High School both past and present! Thank you for a wonderful education and chinuch that impacts forever! Thank you Mrs. Press for all the wonderful memories you shared this week!
Chaviva Loeb
Rifki Offen-Ross
Simie Lichtenstein
Thank you for all the wonderful memories & my fabulous “sisters” from my class. Much appreciation to Rabbi Kramer, Mrs Press & the entire staff.
Menachem & Batsheva Kohn
with much hakoras hatov to the yeshiva & it's staff!
yossi and frayda sauber
Devorah Ruvel
Feige Geller
Esther Halberstam
Ahron and Mimi Sasson
In Honor of all the wonderful staff of prospect park yeshiva Continued hatzlacha
Eli and Elisheva Kanowitz
With much Hakaras HaTov for what the school has done for me!
Yaffa Stauber
With Hakaras Hatov and appreciation
Aliza (Finestone) Sherer
With tremendous heartfelt hakaras hatov to the incredible hanhala at BLOPPY
hyman schattner
Toba (Steinhaus) Wolf
With so much hakaras hatov to all of our wonderful mechanchim and mechanchos. So proud to be a BLOPPY alumna.
Esther Schachter
Thank you for 4 incredible years filled with growth and great memories!
Elleshevah Rybstein
Shira Rosenberg
With tremendous hakaras hatov to the Hanhala and teachers for four wonderful years! Thank you Mrs. Press for all the memories!
Aliza (Wilamowsky) Rotenstein
Thank you to Mrs. Press for the enjoyable trip down memory lane!
Susie (Neeman) Chovev
Thank you for the wonderful chinuch, education, and the most amazing friends for life.
Adina (Goldfarb) Alport
Reena Cohen (Braha)
Sarah Weiss
Chaya Rochel Nierenberg
Shoshana (Soroka) Halpern
Debbie Rudin
Thank you to all the teachers who changed my life. Rabbi Kramer who took a chance and accepted me, Mrs. Hoberman, Mrs. Press and so many more.
Leah Mendlowitz
Shimon Kaushanskiy
Shmuel Aharon & Khavi Rosenshein
Eternal Hakoras Hatov
Esti Szmulewicz Mittelman
Tirza Gartner
With infinite appreciation…
navid kalimi
Aviva Ludzker
jacquelyn slansky
Peninah Merzel
In honor of Mrs. Press and all of the wonderful teachers and administrators at Prospect Park.
Nechama Goodman
Thank you, Prospect Park Bnos Leah, for thoroughly preparing us for life!
Thank you for everything, nothing can repay the strong foundation Prospect has given me in my journey
Daniel and Chana Shtraykher
Shaina (Brander) Krumholtz
Chaya Sima (Stern) Wahrman
No words can adequately express my gratitude for the strong foundation Prospect provided me with: my chinuch as a thinking, believing, and growing Torah Yid and in the valuable skills I use every day to function as an adult. Thank you to the Prospect Hanhala and staff for all you invested in me and for all you invest in Klal Yisrael. May you have continued hatzlacha in your avodas hakodesh and menuchas hanefesh while you make it happen! Most fondly, Chaya Sima (Stern) Wahrman
Malka Kassai
Tamar YousefLaleh
Lots of beautiful memories of BLOPPY. Wish I could give more.
Mindy Ratner
Rikki Spitzer
Thank you for all you have done for us.
Estee Ganz (Nachum)
In honor of Mrs press
Devorah Wangrofsky
In honor of Mrs. Press and all the wonderful teachers! In Memory of my mother Bracha Elka bas Moshe
Chana Malka Rosenberg
Thank you to all the wonderful and devoted teachers, and for all the fond memories!
sara and david escava
Chaya Sarah Ghoori
Dina (Steinberg) Wolman
Thank you for everything you have given me and done for me!
Yoel and Brochi Lipsett
Rebekah Rybstein
This is just a small token of my appreciation for everything that prospect has invested in me and for making me who I am. Thank you!
Shani Ratzker
Thank you for giving me so many skills to navigate life
Racheli (Ratner) Taubes
With much gratitude to the hanhalah and teachers. I learned much during my high school career, gained many skills, and made life-long friends. You inspired me to become an educator.
Rena Goldfinger Cohen
Chumi Friedman
Good memories. Great friends. Wonderful teachers.
in honor of Rabbi Kelman and Mrs. Press
Mimi posy (schacter)
In honor of all the BLOPPY staff. With loving memories.
Pearl Preschel Herzog
It is literally a half-- century since I attended PPYHS. It feels like yesterday. May Mrs. Press and Rabbi Joel Kramer enjoy good health and Arichus Yamim for all they've done for thousands of former students.
Shulamis (Kassai) Yurowitz
Always so proud to say I went to PPY!
Rivka and Ben Heller
Thank you for an incredible education and a positive High School experience. I don't think I would be the same person without being a Prospect Park Yeshiva graduate. May you continue to positively impact countless happy, well-rounded graduates for many more years to come!
Estee (Scharf) Farrell
In honor of all the teachers and staff
Zahava Gelbstein
With tremendous Hakaras Hatov to bloppy for making me into the person I am today!
Tova Portnoy
Naomi Gottesman (Herman)
Malkie M Kamin
Thank you, Prospect, for the amazing life lessons and the lifelong friendships. Leah Greher and Malkie Kamin
Suri abramson
Rina Koegel
Miriam (Askarinam) Kamravapour
Thank you to all of my wonderful teachers from elementary through high school who gave me so much more than an incredible yeshiva education. Thank you for everything- from the friendships, songs , dances, fun- and of course the life lessons, and Torah guidance that you imparted.
Rivkie (Klein) Eisen
Thank you for making me who I am today.
Rochelle (Kurant) Wertenteil
With much hakarat hatov to Rabbi Avraham Kelman z"l who was an inspirational presence throughout my 12 years at Prospect Park Yeshiva and High School, and to Rabbi Kramer and Mrs. Press who laid a strong foundation for all of us in the early years. Thank you for the wonderful memories! (Class of 1973)
Sara Rivka Pacht
Very small expression of my tremendous hakaras hatov to BLOPPY - founders, hanhala and teachers. Ashreichem, your zchuyos grow exponentially. Wishing you continued hatzlacha be”H
Mechla (Tropper) Tandhasetti and Family
aura sutton
With deep appreciation to Mrs. Press and all the teachers who gave me a foundation for life.
Shira (Tratner) Greenfield
A small token of the immeasurable hakaras hatov I have to BLOPPY (and specifically, my incredible teachers). So much of who I am today is thanks to you.
Gitty Eisenreich (kloc)
In honor of Mrs. Press and all my amazing teachers! Thank you!
Basya Rosenthal (Brevda)
So appreciative for all the amazing lessons and classes.
Sara Sternglantz
Nechama Rosenstock Mandel
Chanie Schlesinger
Leah Bittma
With much appreciation to the entire staff of Bnos Leah Prospect Park. I will always cherish my high school years
Elisheva Aber
Thank you!
Ricki (Brown)Muller
Thank you to Prospect Park for the fabulous education and fond memories. You made us who we are today!
Toba Grant
Esther (Weinstock) Fischer
In honor of the wonderful and talented principals and teachers who have inspired us all for a lifetime!
Isaac and Racquel (Elmann) Esses
Nikki Lew
Huvi Goldstein
Racheli Blumenkrantz
Chany tischler
Naomi (Baruh) Fink
Adina Borg Blaustein
Ayala Weiss (Adler)
Took me down memory lane. Thank you Mrs. Press for the nostalgic email reminding me how wonderful high school was.
With tremendous hakaras hatov to all the wonderful teachers who gave me a wonderful education in high school. My husband and children have also benefited from the education that I received, so the great work of PPY Bnos Leah is truly building up Klal Yisroel!!
Aviva Kohn
Rachelli Treuhaft
Leah Sherman-Shapiro
In honor of all the wonderful teachers, with much gratitude to all the knowledge they imparted that wasn’t solely limited to our textbooks, but real life! Thank you!
Ruchie Foster
Aviva Stein-Brodt
With sincerest thanks.
In honor of Rabbi A. Kelman, Rabbi L. Kelman, Rabbi Kramer, Mrs. Schechter, Mrs. Press, Mrs. Fink, Mrs. Schreibman and countless other teachers who provided a wonderful education, thank you!
Bina Gamzon
Nechama Levin
Leah Weber (markowitz)
Aviva Schwab
In honor of Mrs. Press
Rivka Fromer-Greenberger
Sarala Kislak
Sarala (Grunhut) Weiss
In honor of Mrs Press and the entire BLOPPY.
Leah (Postelnik) Greenberg
Thank you Prospect for a wonderful education and a memorable and fun time.
Tova Rubin
Shevy Sitzer
Thank you for the ever lasting education you gave me.
Aviva Glanzman
It warmed my heart to read Mrs. Press’ email message. I have so many fond memories from being a student at PPY and I’m so incredibly grateful to the school that made me who I am today.
Leorra Kohen (Ezra)
Thank you for the wonderful education. Not only were Prospect girls known for the superior education we recieved in college and seminary, the Torah values and ethics are unparalleled as well. Cant thank you enough!
Esti Katz
With much hakaras hatov for wonderful high school years!
chaya dussy aron
Goldi weinberger
Hadassa Katz
In honor of the teachers who gave their all every day!
Grohman Shira
Elisheva Whitehouse
Dina and Steven Horowitz
Miriam Knobel
לעלוי נשמת ר׳ משה ישעיהו בן ר׳ יעקב דוד הכהן וחנה בוניא בת ר׳העניך הלוי
Chevi koss
Tehila Rabhan
Mimi Mayer
*Please use the same message as last year from LMC Certified Public Accountants* *Please charge this Credit Card for $1,200 rather than $1,080*
Nechama (Fuchs) Fishman
In honor of Mrs. Press, and all the amazing staff at BLOPPY
Faigy Brand
Vera Solomon
Adina Goldberg
Miriam Tropper
In honor of Mrs. Press and the entire BLOPPY family
Chaim and Blimie Lindenblatt
Devorah Mechanic
Seth Linsky
Shoshana Gross
Thank you for the wonderful education I received.
Gwen Lobel Ziegler
In memory of my loving parents who sent me to Bloppy Raizel bas Dov A"H and Shlomo Leib Ben Rephael Gedalya A"H
Joanne and Kenneth Auman
Adina Gesserman
Shimon and Geulah Kadosh
Rachelli Katz
david shurin
Aron Law PLLC
Mazel tov to all the Honorees
Shamira Gelbman
Sarah Gelfand class 1993
Class 1993
Negina Attar Aziz
Blima Merlin
Moshe and Aliza Fund
In appreciation to the hanhala and teachers.
in honor of Yartzeit Sholom Mordechai Ben Moshe,l Halogen, the Maharsham
Michal Friedman (Mitteldorf)
With tremendous hakaras hatov to Mrs. Press, Rabbi Stern, Mrs. Shreibman, and the incredible staff of B.L.O.P.P.Y.! The chinuch you gave me has helped me build my home! Thank you so much!
Avram & Leah Bogopulsky
Mindy Kramer
Rivka Levitan
L’ilui nishmas Shlomo Shraga ben Avraham Tzvi and Elazar ben Avraham Tzvi
Chayale gellis
Thank you to all of my wonderful teachers and to a school that gave me the best memories!!
Renee Yedid
Bruce and Judy Listhaus
With tremendous hakaras hatov to the hanhala, the teachers and staff
Rivki Wurzburger
chaya newerstein
Dr. Ashi and Rachelli Wiederkehr
Esther Vinagray
To Mrs. Schreibman, for always being there for your students.
Dina Khalili Benolol
L’zecher Nishmas Mordechai Gimpel ben Eliezer and Baruch Moshe ben Avraham
Thank you to everyone at BLOPPY who instilled in me beautiful values and help shape the person that I am.
Rachel Herczeg
Aliza Ackerman
In honor of all the excellent teachers in Prospect park!
Shmuel and Rachel Menahemov
With much hakaras hatov to Mrs Press and all the teachers
Miriam Rothstein
Leah Greher
With Hakaras for all I gained from PPY Bnos Leah
Esther Goldberg
Rachel (Freifeld) Weiss
I have so much appreciation to Mrs. Press and the entire staff at BLOPPY. Almost 20 years have passed and I still get excited when I speak with people about how incredible my high school experience was. May you continue to positively impact countless happy, well-rounded graduates for many more years to come!
Nina Esses Hidary
In Honor of all of my friends and all of the wonderful staff at BLOPPY.
Yitti Feig - Schachter
In honor of Mrs Press
Reena Vegh
Esther Richman
Shaindy Edelstein
Chana Schwartz
Shimmy and Suri Handelsman
Thank you Mrs. Press for always being there for us. Continued Hatzlacha to Prospect Park
Lev & Nelly Mavashev
Akiva & Avigail (Reich) Eisenstadt
Grateful for the incredible 4 years that still brings a smile to my face…so many years later.
Sarah Ita (Levitan) Zomick
Mali Minzer
Leah Rabinowitz (Fleischmann)
Bonnie Weinberg
Much Hakarat Hatov for PPYHS and admiration for Mrs. Press!
Chana Bareket
In honor of all the amazing teachers and staff at BLOPPY
Tziri Englard (Finkelstein)
Tova Krausz
Yehuda and Mimi Seif
In honor of Rabbi Kelman, Mrs. Press, and the staff at PPY.
Shiffy (Engelsberg) Steinberg
........I smile and remember yesterday!!!! Thank you BLOPPY
Osnat Klestzick
Sara Gross
Fuli and Chani Jaffe
In honor of Mrs. Press and all the teachers at Prospect Park. Thank you!
Suri (Backenroth) Elias
Avraham And Rochela Fisgus
Meryl Lieberman
With utmost Hakoros Hatov for opening your doors and your hearts for us!
Lilliane Samel
Jaimie Brick
Shuli Rotenberg
Chaviva Fischer
Chani Einhorn
In honor of Rabbi Kramer and Mrs Nechama Schreibman
Sarah Akilov (babayof)
With much hakaras hatov, I'm so proud to be part of the BLOPPY family.
Joel & Suri Stern
Miriam Leah Davidowitz
Shoshana Diskind
Shifra Sompolinsky
Yitty Bensinger
Ruchi Shain
In honor of Mrs. Press, Mrs. Schreibman, and the amazing staff- who lit up some of the best years of my life. May you all be gebencht!
Yehudis Milstein
I'm very thankful to Hashem for my parents sending me to BLOPPY. I enjoyed every moment! Thank you!
Odelia Lehrman
Chaya Leah (Zelinger) Nussbaum
Chalavna & Malky Meth
Esther Rosengarten
Chana Serle
In honor of the esteemed Mrs. Press and the most stellar staff of Prospect Park high school. We are so fortunate to be the recipients of the prospect chinuch!
Yael (Nachum) Shelby
Devora Weinberg
In honor of Mrs. Press and all of our amazing high school teachers, especially my mother Mrs. Warshavchik! You have made me who I am today! Thank you!
Michal (Respler) Rubin
Thank you to Mrs. Press, Mrs. Schreibman and to the wonderful teachers at BLOPPY! You can’t imagine the impact you had on my life and on so many other students’ lives! THANK YOU!
Miri Blumenkrantz
Ahuva Einhorn
Esther Elbaum
Tzipporah Miriam Ambush
Barbara Buckman
Thank you, Mrs. Press for a well-rounded (and grueling) education. You taught us Chumash, English, Tehillim - some of which I remember til today. When you called, I did NOT think you were calling to say you were retiring. Preposterous!
Adeena Jacob
Avigail Danesh (Bamshad)
Michal Mendelsberg
In honor of Mrs. Press and the unique and stellar education that Prospect Park continues to provide.
Ruth Sultan
Tenise Becker
Michal Mayer (Goldzweig)
Frady Goldbrenner
With endless hakoras hatov to Mrs. Shriebman and Mrs. Press.
Zehava (Frankel) Feuer
Itta Weber
Tzippy Ringel
Phyllis & Elliot Katten
Wonderful memories of high school days. Wonderful principal. Wonderful staff. Wonderful friends to this day!
Chaim & Layie Mendlowitz
In honor of Mrs. Press.....thank you
Adina (Lubet) Tanenbaum
Golda (Adler) Levine
Chani Oelbaum
Mirie Elias
In honor of Mrs. Press
Rivkie Mendelovitz Berger
Mazal tov on this auspicious anniversary!
Nechama Gelb
In honor of Mrs. Press and the whole BLOPPY staff- for giving us all a fabulous high school education and experience! Thank you!!!
Stephanie Kassin (Elmann)
Chantzie Rosenberg
In honor of my teachers- whose wisdom I continue to benefit from
devorah Feldstein
Elana Peikes
With tremendous hakaras hatov to the yeshiva, Mrs. Press and the stellar teachers for the exceptional chinuch, education and hadracha provided during our formative years! BLOPPY will always have a special place in my heart
Deena Stark
Yocheved Hardt
Devorah Esther Snider
Sarah Grama
Loads and loads of hakaras hatov! Thank you!
aliza auman gold
I loved high school!!! thank you so much!
Deena (Student) Englard
Zahava Tenenbaum (Neuhoff)
In appreciation to all the staff of Bloppy!
Miriam and Sheya Stern
Ariella Kohen
Adina Fishman
Elisheva Perlstein
In appreciation to Mrs. Press and for the exceptional chinuch provided in Prospect Park
Elana hatanian
Yocheved Herzog
Ruthi Ismach
Thank you
Nechama Sakal
Marilyn Shamula
Mention of high school does indeed bring a smile to my lips.... In honor of Mrs. Press
Rivky Kraus
Bracha Scherman Udelsohn
With gratitude and appreciation
Shaindy sofer (neuhoff)
Faigie Ickovitz (Krausz)
Malkie Probst
Devorah Plaut
Lelui nishmas chaim elazer ben rav shimshon aryeh
Yael Kahn
Sari rapps
Leah Klein
Michal Kay (Nachum)
In honor of Mrs press and all our amazing teachers
Adeena Zakarin
Shira Twersky
Elazar and Elisheva Grossman
Estee Ganz (Nachum)
In honor of Mrs. Press
Yocheved Markowitz
Aviva Goodman
Prospect was a wonderful school , I have the best memories and friendships thank you!
Esti Tratner Pollak
In honor of Mrs Press
Gitty T.
With hakaras hatov for all that you do!
Michal Sodden (Brander)
Hinda Krumbein
In honor of Mrs Press and all of my amazing mechanchot/mechanchim, you will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for 4 wonderful years and all the lessons taken foward into life... May you all achieve much הצלחה in all areas of your own lives and with the future generations to come.
Miriam Gerstein
Bashi Anisfeld
Batsheva Jacobson
Hadassa Katz
Yana (Brudny) Alchits
Risha (Wangrofsky) Schwartz
Avital K.
Faigi Ackerman
Frimie Tanenbaum Fromowitz
In honor of all my wonderful teachers at Prospect
Devora Dratler
Abby Zippin Linsky
A school second to none. Always grateful - Abby Linsky, Miriam Sarah Gantz, Tzivia Lax
Chavie Gold
Chayetta Greenbaum
With tremendous הכרת הטוב for the exceptional chinuch and warm memories.
Victor & Yona (Love) Shine
Congratulations on this special milestone!
Mr and Mrs Krasner
In honor of Prospect Park Yeshiva and the excellent education they provide to their students.
Miriam Josefovic
With appreciation Hatzlocha Raba
Mazie cohen
Michal Deutsch
In honor of Mrs. Press
Sari Kellerman (Kahan-Frankl)
In honor and appreciation of Mrs. Press and all the outstanding teachers.
Hindy Pomerantz
With boundless Hakaras HaTov!
Chani Arieli
Rifky Szanzer
Aviva Kohn
Tamar Hirshman
Tzvi and Surie Ackerman
my wife is a proud alumna and i am very makir tov to the school that helped mold her into the person she is today.
Aliza Kassai Reich
In honor of Mrs Press
Suri Spector
With hakoras hatov for all I was given, that has grown over the years!
Aliza and Moshe Slansky
With gratitude and appreciation. May you continue to inspire the young women of the next generation in Yiras Shamayim and love of Torah and Chesed
Chaya Etti Adler
Aviva Rubinstein
Bracha Cohen
In appreciation of Mrs. Press and the Hanhala for the exemplary Chinuch that set a a strong foundation for my life
Miriam Student
Thank you to Mrs Press and all the Prospect Park teachers for the education and memories you provided to me and my daughter.
Sara Shilcrat Kaplan
In honor of Rabbi Leib Kelman & Mrs. Press
Ruchie Peppard
Yehudis Edelstein
Tova Ehrman
In appreciation for the foundation BLOPPY gave me and for the fond memories I have of my high school experience!
Tzipporah Miriam Ambush
Shoshana Deutsch
With tremendous hakaras hatov to all my inspiring teachers!
Yael Neumann
Much hakaras hatov to all the excellent and devoted teachers and staff!
Shua and Adel Gelbstein
Rebecca Abrin
Avromie and Miriam Soffer
Leba Markowitz
Thank you for incredible education and environment to grow for 14 years of my life! Nursery-12th grade. The memories are forever!
Leah Nevo-Skolnick
With hakaras hatov to the special and incredibly talented teachers and staff of Bnos Leah who have dedicated themselves to the chinuch of generations of Jewish women! I continue to treasure all that I have gained from my years at Prospect. Thank you!
Sara Chaya Farbstein
In honor of Mrs. Press and my wonderful teachers
With hakaras hatov to Mrs. Press and all the incredible BLOPPY teachers
Aliza Feder
With so much appreciation, particularly for Mrs. Press
Bruchie & Chaim Fruchter
Chana Berger
Tamar Gavrilova
Thank you to all the Prospect teachers and staff!
Brenda Kolatch
Thank you Mrs. Press. Excellent Zoom presentation.
Thank you Prospect for helping to build so many incredible women over the decades! Grateful to have be a PPY alumnae. Wishing you tremendous hatzlacha!
Raizy Krauss
Thank you, Mrs. Press!
With gratitude to Rav Avraham Kelman, whose revolutionary vision, and dedication to the education of Jewish girls inspires us to strive to make him proud.
Avi and Sara Adler
Amy Goldman
In Honor of Rebbetzin Press
Risa Cohen
Naomi Moskowitz
In honor of the most amazing principal, teacher, mentor Mrs Press…
Ahuva Litke
With deepest hakaros hatov for all I've gained... Thank you!
Michal Frischman
Blimi (Weinstock) Schwartz
In honor of Mrs. Press and all of the wonderful teachers!
Riki Winner
Ester Furst
proud to be part of the PPYHS family from WAY back when !!!
Zev and Nechama Davidowitz
Hadassah Kahn
Giti Polinsky
Helene Klein
Incredible speech Mrs. Press, as always!
In honor of Mrs Press
Naomi Esther (Greenberger) Lerman
FR Brecher
Edit Dinovitzer
With thanks to all my teachers and administration, Continued Hatzlacha to BLOPPY, you have inspired so many of us! Edit Dinovitzer
Shaindy & Boruch Diamond
Bracha Bucholz
Thank you!
Aliza Bokow
Chaya Daniela Bronshteyn
In honor of Mrs. Press, who could speak about quantum physics and still inspire me. When I hear her, I know I'm home.
Greg and Chanie Bell
To the incredible teachers of BLOPPY
Velvi & Stella Engel
Dovi and Zahava Block
Moshe and Perri Blobstein
Yanky and Leah Litchfield
Michal Brecher (Segal)
Proud to be a prospect park alum.
Chevi Carlebach
Racheli Daniel
Thank you!


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