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Chanie (Steinman) Silverman
With so much hakaras hatov to the incredible staff at BLOPPY.
Elisheva (Krohn) Perlstein
Nechama Mattie (Adler) Michaeli
In honor of Mrs. Chaya Michaeli
Leah Lustiger
Mr. & Mrs. Grinberg
Daniel Keren
Mr yoely & chany weiss
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.
Pauline Russell
In honor of Elisheva Yaish
Jill D
In honor of the Kafashs! Leiluy nishmat Moshe ben Miriam
Faige (Klein) Grossman
Avi and Chanie Bendkowski
AM and Shoshana Diskind
Batsheva Schnell
ettie steinmetz
Aviva Diamond
Esther Fruchthandler
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Kelman
Yossi & Edit Schechter
Moshe and Aliza Fund
Fonfeder Family
Aviva Wercberger
Abigail shvartsman
Liuli nishmas Eliayho Ben menachem Mendel
Elton Cohn
Blessing to my children Ava and Zev Cohn
Rabbi Ronald & Mrs. Miriam Barry
Success to our Sarah Shemtob 11th grader and her mom our daughter Mrs. Esther Shemtob
Yehoshua Reis
Thank you for the love and attention you give our kids
Pro air mechanical
Mrs. Pessy Nimchinsky (Aronovitch)
Lichavod the amazing team at BLOPPY whose words still ring in my ears to this day. Hatzlacha in your holy work and may Hashem reciprocate you with kulo brachos!
Zalman and Elisheva Rosenfeld
Adina Hollander
You make us so proud Ahuva Nechama!
Jacob Shvartsman
Efraim and Rivka Hirsch
Donny & Rena Hagbi
Freda Twersky Rosenzweig
Ariel and Rivka Zafarani
In honor of our amazing friends Ben and Tziporah
Rabbi and Mrs. Etan Tokayer
Dr and Mrs moshe ziegler
Ellen Appelbaum
To a fine institution that has fulfilled its mission for decades. May you continue to work towards bringing the Geulah shalaimah.
Sabba and Savta
We are so proud of you Ahuva Nechama Hollander Hugs and kisses
Dr. and Mrs. Yonaton Mandanipour
Velvi & Stella Engel
In honor of our Children
Shoshana Begun
Sending wishes for Brocha and Hatzlacha to a wonderful school and a wonderful Hanhallah!
Boruch and Shoshana Mirkin
Yaacov and Aliza Reich
David and Deborah Scop
Hakaras HaTov for Sarah Scop class of 2021 and in honor of Miriam Scop class of 2123
Dina Steinberg
Shmuel and Raizy Shifer
In honor of Morah Garfinkel and Miss Deutsch
the Nussbaums
the Nussbaums
Bracha (Greenebaum) Cohen
With Hakoras Hatov to BLOPPY and Rabbi Leib Kelman
Esther Yitty
In honor of my sister Mrs Grinfeld. HATZLACHA RABA
Sharon Gelb
Bayla Gewirtzman
Chana Schwartz
Yudie and Chaya Sarah Fogel
Miriam Soffer
Esther Fruchthandler
Shira Rosenberg
Eva Aberbach
Rivka Eisen
Suri Elbogen
Daniela Douer (Khalili)
Sokolow Family
Thank you for educating our daughters, 2000-2012
Tzvi and Orit Herman
Shlomo and Leora Fink
Faigie Schwarcz
Tzipporah Ambush
Shira Zolty
Ruchi Peppard
Chaya Pollock
Yaakov and Feige Shapiro
In honor of Leah Tovey
Tova and Jay Fabrikant
With awe and respect for Rabbi Leib Kelman and the devoted hard working hanhala of the yeshiva. May you be bentched with excellent health and strength and meah viesrim
Prince Bartholomew
Rachel Leah Mittelman
Basheva Kohn
David & Ruthie Gindi
Go Ben!
Sara & Shalom Kaplan
Regards from Rehovot, Israel to all the BLOPPY mechanchot! Sara Shilcrat Kaplan Class of 2008
Sara Hojda
with hakaras hatov for the unique education that BLOPPY provided me. I treasure the values learned in school that I try to instill in my daughters.
Daniel Shakarov
Go Pamela!
Karyn & Lenny Friedman
Dina Reis
Nechama Fishman
Tzivi Kleinbart
Beena Tauber
With much Hakaras Hatov
Chanie Schlesinger
Cohen Saban
chanoch and aliza gold
with much hakaras hatov for an amazing high school experience! thank you always!
Penina Braunstein
Rivkie Berger
Zahava Pleeter
Jay and Chanie Sosowsky
Ricky and Rachel (Barry) Novick
In honor of Mrs. Esther Shemtob, whose dedication and care to her students is unsurpassed.
Hindy Krumbein
Leslie Cytryn
Michal Feinstein
Chaya Etty Adler
Chani Einhorn
Leba Markowitz
Boruch and Blima Noble
Wishing much nachos to our beloved nieces Libi and Avigail Mordechai in their Chinuch. May we only have Simchos together.
Yitzchok & Tamar Klein
In Honor of Michael and Alina Furman
Shoshana Schachter
Rabbi Yisroel and Raizee Perelson
In honor of the amazing Epstein girls
Sarah Goldberg
Shemaya and Shaindy Zakarin
Samuel and Raizy Shifer
Gavriel and Leah Schwab
Shlomo and Sara Rosenzweig
Yitzchok and Amy Rosen
Hayim and Shira Langer
Isaac and Leah Kaikov
Royi and Brook Hazan
Michael and Elina Furman
Mordechai and Mazal Buls
Nachman and Hindy Bendel
Mr and Mrs Hager
from your aunt and uncle avrumi and Avigayil Hatzlacha!!
aura sutton
Zvi & Rivky Hager
In honor of our wonderful nieces Gabriella & Penina! You always make us so proud!!!
aura sutton
Lila Shleifstein
Mirachelle Shleifstein
Yosef and Sara Pollack
Baruch and Sima Hilsenrath
In honor of a wonderful school that I have the privilege of being both an alumnus and teacher. Thank you Rabbi Keenan and the entire Prospect staff
Rochelle Diamond
Ben Kopciel
feige verschleiser
Yitz and Rivka Martin
In honor of Mrs. Press
Leiby & Laura Moshkovich
In honor of the BLOPPY teachers for their hard work and dedication to their students.
Nussie Sontag
Batya Richman
Rikki Trebitsch
Leilu Niushmas Eliezer Shmuel Binyomin Ben Meir Bobby and Rikki
Bentzion & Nechama Goodman
This should be a z'chus refuah shelaima for Chaya Esther bas Nechama
Meira and Mordechai Schiffman
Daniella Herskowitz
Ya’akov and Chavi Wealcatch
With much Hakaras Hatov
Leah Cynamon
Moti & Chani Markowitz
Bayla Lebovic
With much hakoras hatov to Rabbi Kelman, & the entire hanhala & staff (too numerous to mention here). It's a zechus to be an alumna & mother of alumni. So proud, & grateful, to be part of the Bloppy family.
Rosin Family
Malka Zimmerman
Rosin Family
Yelena Makeyev
Seth Berman
In honor of Pesach and Ruchama Natopov
Devora Weinberg
Eli and Rachel Silberstein
In honor of rabbi Kelman
Tatyana Yegutkin
Malkie Fridman
Esther and Bernard Berchin
Leah Rabinowitz
Martin and Rebecca Handwerker and Family
In honor of Emma Adelstein
Baruch Katz
In honor of Racheli Koff.
Tirza Gartner
Estie Vim
Avrohom and Shaindel Schoenberg
Miriam Weinberger
Ephraim Fruchthandler
Yaakov & Esther Zwick
In honor of Morah Riva!!!! She’s the best!!
Paul and Robyn Weintraub
Yeshaya & Chaya Wasserman
In honor of Rabbi Kelman, Rabbi Stern, and Mrs Press.
Baila Pollak
Yisroel Shenkman
Wiederblank Family
In honor of Yael her parents.
Dina Shafir
Shana Lang
In appreciation for the top notch education and love for learning that Prospect instilled in me.
Ahuva Rappaport
In honor of the faculty and administration that I have learned so much from!
chani witty
Chantzie Rosenberg
Simie Pretter
Sara Sternglantz
Leba katz
Yitzchok Saftlas
Zahava & Avi Harari
In honor of the dedicated teachers of PPY
Proud to be parents of prospect graduates!
Devora Bobker
Tova Zelikovitz
Esther Elbaum
Esther Kuessous
In honor of Mrs Kleztsick - an exemplary educator and beloved leader.
Yosi and Chana Edelstein
Saul & Hindi Guberman
Tzipora Weitman
Thank you for everything!!
Yanky & Miriam Zylberberg
Mr and Mrs welis
In honor of our beautiful girls and their wonderful teachers! We are so grateful!
Izidor Mikhli
Moshe and Devorah Aschendorf
Morah Esther Gross and Mrs Danielle Gross keep up the great work!!
Kapetas family
Elazar and Elisheva Grossman
In appreciation for my wonderful education. I only wish I lived close enough to send my own daughters! May the yeshiva have continued hatzlacha with harbotzas haTorah and kiddush Hashem.
Liquors galore
.“No good deed ever goes wasted.
Mordy & Liba Joffe
לזכר נשמת אברהם בן מאיר אשר , רחל לאה בת משה עזרא קורצפלד
Carmi Homburger
In honor of Rabbis Kelman for running a spectacular school! Chazak Veematz
Baruch Zlotowitz
In honor of Rabbi Leib Kelman, Rabbi Akiva Kelman, Rabbi Eliezer Stern & the entire Hanhallah
Moshe Tischler
Sarah Cohn and Elton Cohn
Health and happiness of Ava shoshana and Zev Aharon Cohn
Tzippy (Steinberg) Bier
Yanky & Leah Litchfield
Susan Weingarten
Yocheved Hardt
Ahron Feigelstein
In Honor of David Pfeffer A real mentsch who cares!
Michael Babayev
Elana Colton
Brochos and gratitude for great chinuch given to my daughters
Healthcare Engineering
Boruch Furchin
In memory of R. Avracham Kelman
Tonya Ghlumstein
With a great appreciation to the Kelman family.
Leah Gold
Tzirel Persltein
Thank you for my amazing years at bloppy
Levi Kohn
Devori Engelson
Miriam Stern
Raizy Lebovic
Rabbi Eliezer and Ruthi Stern
In honor of the greatest teachers that one could spend their career with
Elina Azaran
Yudi and Chumi Herzberg
Sima Feygel
Leah Weber
Merav Greenberg
Much hatzlocha!
Mr. and Mrs. Cohen
It is an honor being a good friend of Bnos Leah Prospect Park Yeshiva. As an alumnus, former parent and now grandparent! I cannot thank you enough for the solid chinuch that you have provided me, my children and now grandchildren. May we continue together for the next generation. To the moros of my grandchildren, thank you for providing them with a warm and loving environment where they are excited and love to learn.
Thank you Morah Elky Federman and Morah Gitty Schwartz and to all the preschool teachers.
Rob Shapira
Yitzchok and Edit Dinovitzer
Abie Shorre
Lechvod Rabbi Akiva Kelman and his dedication to Bnos Leah of Brooklyn and Monsey. May you continue the legacy of the Kelman family to span many more generations.
Rabbi and Mrs. Zev Poss
L'chvod Rabbi Leib Kelman
Sara Lefkowitz
To an amazing school! Thank you for all that you have done for me!
Hudis Adler
With much hakaras hatov!
Rabbi Dovid Kelman
Rochel Pultman
Jack and Sari Avital
RM Gelbtuch
Esther Becker
Ruchy Zelcer
Mr. and Mrs. Goldberg
With a great hakaras hatov to Rabbi Stern and Mrs. Press for giving our daughter a top-notch education! Looking forward to our granddaughter starting BLOPPY in a few years!
Leah Milstein
Avrohom Zoberman
Thank you: Morah Salamon, Mrs. Michaeli, Morah Fruchthandler and Mrs. Berkovits. Your dedication to our girls is truly special. Thank you for creating a wonderful environment. They love coming to school!
Tova Hirth
Michael and Sima Glater
In honor of our granddaughters.
Chana Zlotowitz
Aaron and Hindy Dreifus
Abie Cohen
A. zavulunov
Thank you for everything you do!!!
Devorah Zachai
Mimi Knobel (Grumet)
In appreciation of the solid foundation with the excellent chinuch from the dedicated staff - Alumni 1985
Michael Binson
Racheli Daniel
With thanks to my incredible teachers and principals for their impact.
With much hakaras hatov to Rabbi Leib Kelman, Rabbi Akiva Kelman and to the principals and teachers for all their hard work in educating our daughter.
Yasher koach!
Rivka Yablonsky
Uri and Ada Weingarten
In honor of the staff at PPY. Thank you for the time and effort you put into educating the girls. It is very appreciated.
Toba and Yossie Singer
Sophie Zafrani
The Zelcer Family
Thank you so much for everything!
Sarah Konigsberg
Dr. Chucky and Stephanie Bruck
Dina and mordechai jacobs
Leah Handler
In appreciation of the wonderful staff at BLOPPY
Sam and Renee Green
In Honor of All My 4 Girls Who Graduated and to all The Rebbeim and Teachers.
Etty Friedman
Frank and Bracha Udelsohn
Renanit (Guberman) Baker
Rachel (Freifeld) Weiss
Miki and Joey Kramer
In appreciation for the closeness Bloppy has to our hearts
Steven and Meryl Braha
With much gratitude and appreciation
Leah & Laizer Kestenbaum
With hakaras hatov for an incredible high school experience!
Gila Rosenzweig
Sarala Kislak
LZ"N Yosef Moshe ben Tuvia Yakov Halevi
Hindy Lamm
In honor of the best neighbors !
Advanced Auto Leasing & Collision
Chevedel Lipschitz
In honor of the best school and the 2012 class!
In Honor of Reb Leib Kellman Reb Akiva Kellman Rabbi stern all teachers and staff. With much gratitude for our children who benefited greatly at PPY. The best School/Yeshiva!!! Hatzlacha Rabah!!! Aliza & Volvi Drezdner
Gitty Eisenreich
AWD Leasing
Avrohom Zucker
Yehuda and Debbie Zucker
Quality Leasing Monroe
Velvi is the best
Chaya Binsky
Thank you for instilling such strong hashkafos in me. There are not enough words for me to express my gratitude.
Shira Zeiger
Yisroel Zev and Libby Krausz
In honor of Rabbi Leib Kelman with much Hakaros Hatov.
zev and chaya leah
With Hakaras Hatov for a wonderful education. Alumni of class of 1990
Yechezkel and Batya Sochaczewski
With tremendous hakaras hatov
Elky Federman
Thank you to the warm, experienced Moros of Bnos Leah Nursery - Morah Esther, Morah Ety, Morah Leah, Morah Mashi and Morah Sheva Leah - who make our Nursery a fun, learning program, admired by so many parents.
Leiby and Sora Steiger
Elky & Allan Federman
In honor of our amazing granddaughters, Ayala and Orly, who make us so proud everyday. Bnos Leah continues to provide an outstanding education to the next generation of Federman girls!
Raphael Garfinkel
benzion and shaindy appelbaum
In honor of racheili koff and her wonderful parents!
Shlomo Tzvi & Zippy Singer
Meir Ruvein and Leah Boorstein
Feige Koff
In honor of rachelli koff graduating this year!
Sarah Ita Zomick
Thank you for everything!
Yair and Rookie Trebitsch
L’ilui Nishmas Shimon ben Nachum
Dovid and Leah Skolnick (Nevo)
Much hakaras hatov for the amazing chinuch and education I received at BLOPPY!
Yitzcchok Tzvi & Yehudith Sandorfy
Chaya Leah Goodman
ZC Schick
In honor of the wonderful and selfless Bloppy staff
Rabbi and Mrs Reuven Weinberg
Rifky Mittelman
Glasser Family
Lilui Nishma Miriam Bas Beryl
Aviva Rubinstein
Miriam Student
Shlomo & Randee Mardakhayev
In honor of our good friends - Esther & Yoeli Klein
Mr & Mrs Motty Dembitzer
Michael Ilyabayev
Michael and Susan Ackerman
Rivka Kelman
Haimoff Family
L'ilui Nishmat R' Gershon ben Moshe Yaakov
Like a good neighbor Engel is always here!
Thank you BLOPPY!
Eliezer Rooz
Chavie Gold
For a Refuah Shelaima for Rochel bas Sara Blima
Moshe & Chaya Michaeli
Leulei nishmat Aliza Fredal Malka bat Rifka A”H
Mr. And Mrs. Shmuel and Perry Englard
Anna Aronovitch
Isaac Bardos
In Honor of Moshe Bodner
Avi Katz
I love you Ahuva Nechama!
Shlomo & Randee Mardakhayev
In honor of our lovely nieces and their just as amazing parents and staff!
Julie Schorr
Meira and Mordechai Schiffman
Avi Fleisher
Chalavna & Malky Meth
Yitzchak and Naomi Hershkowitz
Leonard Steinberg
Yanky Kohl
Brochi Lipsett
Malkie Probst
Y Eckstein
Y Eckstein
Elina & Michael Furman
Rabbi Leib and Brocha Kelman
Michal Schwartz
Zissy Obstfeld
Shlomo and Naomi Esther (Greenberger) Lerman
L’ilui nishmas Gittel bas Yosef Chaim HaKohen
Rikki Winner
Moshe and Brenda Blassberger
Rahel Kadosh
Devorah Zakon
Prospect Park Yeshiva and many of the teachers truly helped mold me into the person I am. I feel so much hakaras hatov for all the lessons, inspiration, and wonderful memories that I continue to cherish from high school!
Leah and Moish Sodden
The Coaching Rabbi, LLC
Chava and Eli Gobioff
In honor of all our special teachers in Bloppy
In honor of the outstanding staff who have left an imprint on my life
Roy K
Good luck
Chani Oelbaum
Simcha and Esther Noble
Joe & Suri Stern
Yael & Dovi Fogel
Thank you for everything you do for our girls!
moshe twerski
in honor of Rabbi Kelman
With gratitude for the exceptional chinuch my daughters were zocheh to
Briendy and Yossi Baker
with Baker
R. Agababayev
Yosef and Shoshana Ciment
Shaindy (Fried) and Yossi Pinsker
With tremendous Hakarat Hatov for the wonderful experience I had at BLOPPY.
Ilana Berkovitch
Nelly and Lev Mavashev
In the merit of Rivka, Hannah, and shira
Avi and Tzipora Rosensaft
Esty Goldberger
In honor of Leah wishing u much nachas!!
Toba Wolf
In honor of all of my teachers, principals, and entire school staff from all of my years at BLOPPY.
Tuvie and Tzippy Rosenfeld
Thank you for a chinuch that spans the generations and spans above all. Hatzlacha for many more years to come IYH.
Aliza and Yitzchak Rotenstein
Berish and Shuli Rotenberg
Baila Mayer
Nussen and Estie Zelcer
Chaim and Miriam Wielgus
Cheftzi Wiederkehr
Moshe H. and Bryna Wieder
Ahuva Kutner
Esther Shemtob
Simcha Matalon
Shira Kirshenbaum
Michal Mayer
Devorah Schreck
Miriam (Yavne) Friedman
Menachem and Paulie Dreyfuss
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gross
Allen Isaac and Edie Gross
Tzipi Shteierman
Miriam Pudel
Ada Weingarten
Rivky Kestenbaum
Rivka Wakslak
Yehuda and Mimi Seif
Refuah Shelaima for ציפורה זלאט בת בלומה יהודית
Chava Lippel
Chanie Oelbaum
Marlene Sardar
Giti Polinsky
Tova Portnoy
Leah Dreyfuss
Miriam Ostreicher
Shloimy & Ahuva Hoberman
Esther Malka Rosengarten
Yossi malkie levine
Rachel Kohn
Itchie and Suri
Brocho v’hatzlacha to our dear cousins Rabbi & Rebitzen Leib Kelman
Shira and Uri Morris
In honor of all of Ayala and Orly’s teachers, past and present, who have given so much of themselves to make school a welcome home away from home for our girls.
Evan and Lisa (Lowinger) Pockriss
Esther Halberstam
Yechezkel and Baila Skovronsky
Hadassah Schwartz
Mendel and Rivka Schechter
Chaim Schattner
Karen Sardell
Mendy and Layala Rosner
Neal and Devora Ringel
Khal Zichron Avrohom
Dr. and Mrs. Melech and Zlata Press