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Shaul M Small
Adina Goldberg
Adiah Goldman
Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Kaufman
Yacov Metz
In honor of Rabbi Stern. Your investment is still growing. Thank you!! In honor of Mrs. Press and all the outstanding moros. Thank you!
Mr. and Mrs. Shaya Kalimi
Devora Freedman
Rabbi and Mrs. Shammai Linsky
Rabbi and Mrs. Shmuel Grama
Leah Markowitz
Tova max
Lchvod Rabbi Kelman, For all that you do for klal yisroel and this community. You teach and lead by example. Watching you is the biggest life lesson on what true chinuch is. We are so inspired and grateful to be a part of the incredible PPY family!
Miriam Weinberger
Sara pollack
In honor of the esteemed Principals and Teachers that have paved the road for their student's success. Thank you.
Chana Selesny
Toba S Wolf
Thank you to all of my teachers and the entire staff at BLOPPY! I can truly say that you have made me who I am today.
Ariella kamel
Elizabeth Berkovits
Thank you so much for allowing us to use the gym each week.
Elana Colton
Rebecca Herman
Dina Steinberg
Tammy Biderman
Ann Wercberger
With much Hakaras Hatov to Mrs. Press and to the entire Kelman Family. May you have much nachas from all of your alumni, who have know how to learn, think and grow, wherever life takes us.
Jerome zwick
Tova max
For all that you do for klal yisroel and this community. You teach and lead by example. Watching you is the biggest life lesson on what true chinuch is. We are so inspired and grateful to be a part of the incredible PPY family!
Shlomo brecher
Daniela Khalili
Rabbi and Mrs. Leonid Finker
Nechama Adina Sakal
Rivka Yablonsky
Chani Tischler
Rachel Friedberg
Tzira Lamm
Thanks to the hanhalah and teachers!
Steven Greenberger
In honor of Rabbi Leib Kelman, a true giant in Torah and chinuch. Your unparalleled compassion and wisdom and devotion to each individual student is astounding. May you only see nachas and gezunt and have the strength to continue caring for so many Yiddishe nashamos and families. The warmth, joy for learning, respect and camaraderie in Prospect Park Yeshiva is truly like no other! I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful Yeshiva. I feel fortunate to be a part of this incredible warm, professional, academically thriving Yeshiva family! Mrs. Press, Carmi Homborgur, Rabbi Stern, Akiva Kelman, Mrs Kleztchick, Esti Salamon, Batsheva Berkovitz, Hadassah Fruchtandler, Mrs. Michaeli and every incredible prospect park Yeshiva teacher and staff member, you make learning come to life with joy, creativity and so much heart! Your commitment to help each student believe in themselves and feel successful is a true inspiration!
Rikki Katz
Nechama Sara Fishman
Sari Levy
Chavy Nechama Braun
Gitty Eisenreich
Nina Hadary
Michal Feinstein
Leah Feldman
Class of 2022
Thank you to BLOPPY and all of our wonderful teachers for an incredible 4 years! We will take all the lessons we learned here with us wherever we go in life. Thank you for making us who we are. Love always, Class of 2022
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Buchnik
Hadassah Kahn
Malky Bergstein
A sincere and heartfelt thank you Rabbi Kelman, Mrs. Press and Rabbi Stern from the forever grateful Ichud High School crew. Your kindness, leadership and charitable actions have a direct effect on our students and staff for eternity.
Chava Drillick
Shulamis Rosenthal
Batya Sochaczewski
Zish and Rivki Margulies
In honor of the fantastic dedicated teachers that teach our daughters- Reenie and Lizzy In honor of Mrs. Press, R' Leib Kelman, R' Stern and R' Akiva Kelman who have created and maintained a beautiful Mossad for our community.
Rana Reisman
Sarah Lang
Esther Salamon
Ilana S Steinberg
Reena Tessler
Sima Hilsenrath
Faigie Bier
Malkie Fried
Atara D Hakakian
Chaya Michaeli
Abraham and Marlene Ben Dayan
Chani Mandelbaum
Miss Chani Kapetas
Gitti Polinsky
Aviva Friedman
Rechi Wolff
Tziona Manela
Michaeli Weissmandl
Rochelle Kaufman
Gitty Grossman
Mrs. Hinde Jacobson
Betzalel and Rochel Finkelstein
Ruchy Zelcer
Raphael and Rebecca Lefkowitz
Yitzchok and Amy Rosen
Chaya Rivka Statman
Mrs. Malka Ritterman
Kleiman family
Baila Mayer
Rivki Herzberg
Shira and Uri Morris
With Hakaras Hatov to Rabbi Kelman, the hanhala, and to the entire yeshiva staff, for the caring and concern of every Bnos Leah student. To Ayala and Orly’s wonderful teachers, Morah Schechter, Mrs. Saul, Morah Riva and Mrs. Meyer, thank you for your dedication, warmth, and creativity. And, as always, thank you to Mrs. Federman for being the best Bubby!
Tziporah Shuval
Mimi Knobel
Mr. and Mrs. Irv Kreitenberg
Shevy Marciano
Chanie Obermeister
L'chvod Rabbi Leib Kelman and Rabbi Akiva Kelman, It's my zechus to be a member of the PPY family. I look forward to bring music here every single week. Much continued Hatzlacha in educating our kinderlach to become the future moros and mommies of Klal Yisroel. Hatzlacha Rabba
Khal Zichron Avrohom
Rikki Steinberg
Ahuva Ginsberg
Leah Greher
Ichud Mosdos Hachinuch
In honor of Rabbi Leib Kelman, Shlit"a And Rabbi Eliezer Stern Shlit”a Model mechanchim and devoted klal askanim, Sensitive to the individual needs of every child. Thank you for all you have done over the past two decades in making the Ichud program the success that it is. Your guidance, advice and constant concern is greatly appreciated. A special thank you to the elementary Hanhala Rabbi Akiva Kelman Shlit"a Mrs. Esty Salamonשתחי' Mrs. Chaya Michaeli שתחי' Mrs. Hadassah Fruchthandler שתחי' Mrs. Batsheva Berkowits שתחי' And your most professional Hebrew and English teachers of the 7th Grade, for all your efforts in integrating our students into your school. וכל מי שעוסקים בצרכי ציבור באמונה, הקדוש ברוך הוא ישלם שכרם. Rabbi Yaakov Mandel Rabbi Moshe M. Twerski Mrs. Libby Krausz The Member Menahalim of Ichud Mosdos Hachinuch of Brooklyn
Malki Ross
Bruriah Moskowitz
Yaelle Joselit
Yehudis Lieberman
Yonina Zolty
Leah Backenroth
Michal Mayer
Faigie Ickovitz
Shuli Hamaoui
Sara Gelfand
Ahuva Tropper
Meera Teichman
Chavie Baer
Yossi and Edit Schechter
Michal Eisikowitz
Brenda Blassberger
Michal Schwartz
Miriam Gerstein
Rivka Tepler
Morris and Rosalind Cabasso
Jack and Sharon Cabasso
Tamar Yedid
Mrs. Elky Federman
To the Superb teachers Of Bnos Leah Nursery Esther Gross Leah Wizel Mashi Laufer With love and dedication You make each school day An absolute pleasure You are wonderful friends and colleagues. Elky
Toby Walfish
Mindy Pfeiffer
Zeeva Scheinberg
Leah Mendlowitz
Zahava Friedman
Leib and Shaindy Pinter
Yudi and Chumie Herzberg
Ita Taub
Shira Kaplan
Sarah Verschleiser
Chaya Sarah Younger
Miriam (Halberstam) Selig
Ahuva (Szmulewicz)Traube
Shloma & Devorah Lebowitz
Shani Schechter
Thank you to PPY for all that you have taught us. Thank you Mrs. Press for your classes that you give us.. we truly are lucky!
Mimi Weiss
Rivka Levitan
Chumi (Hyman) Shine
Rivkie (Klein) Eisen
Subi Nathan
Chanie Schlesinger
Chani Einhorn
Adina Sitorsky
Royi and Brooke Hazan
Leah Nesha Milstein
Bienr Rohr
Shani Richtman
Illana Rosenfeld
Chaya Pollock
Rivka Basser
Hindy Pomerantz
Geulah Weiser
Baila Steinman
Michal Schwartz
Devorah Schreck
Esti Pollak
Tirza Norowitz
Chaya Rochel Nierenberg
Penina Merzel
Faygie Kiffel
Dr. Lisa Kiel
Rachelli Katz
Esther Kahn
Chani Jaffe
Orlit Chaaya
Emily R Chandalov
Sandy Kaufman Bloom
I've been living in Israel for 40+ years and go back to the US very infrequently. I also was never your typical Prospect Park girl. But I will never forget Mrs. Press, exactly ten years older than me! My very best teacher, even though we are so different. Thank you!
Tzivi Kleinbart
Sarah Nechama (Brownstein) Frisch
Thank you for the wonderful koheles class! It was such a peaceful respite in middle of the crazy, politics-riddled work day; mamesh a breath of fresh air!! I really enjoyed it and look forward to more of the same. Thank you!
Carmi Homburger
Eli and Sarala Weiss
Chaya Gunsburg
Rivka Sender
Beigel's Bakery
Mr. and Mrs. Nussen Zelcer
Mrs. Elky Gelbtuch
Chanie Fonfeder
David and Bayla Lebovic
With much hakoras hatov for the wonderful lessons and hashkafas that are still a part of me & my daughters. Thank you Mrs. Press for the classes for us high school alumnae. We really enjoy them, & are also gaining from them. We appreciate that they were recorded. Please keep them coming. I am so proud and honored to be a Bnos Leah high school graduate. We are proud & honored that our daughters are Bloppy graduates. Once a Bnos Leah girl, always a Bnos Leah girl. Thank you Rabbi L. Kelman, Mrs. Press, Rabbi Stern, Rabbi A. Kelman. Also thank you to Mrs. Klestchik, Mrs. Schapiro, Mrs. Aberbach, Mrs. Salamon, Mrs. Fruchthandler, & welcome to the additional members of the hanhala. Thank you to the entire hanhala & staff of every division of Bloppy. May Hashem give you the strength to continue all you devotedly and wonderfully do.
Dina (Honigwachs) Yankelewitz
Yehudit Gelb
Mordecai & Devorah Plaut
Many thanks to Mrs. Press for the wonderful shiurim on Koheles! Although I couldn't always tune in in real time, I listened to every one of them. May you continue to edify and inspire Jewish girls and women for many more years.
Shaya and Leah Preiserowicz
We are grateful for the unbelievable education our daughters received from your incredible Yeshiva
Yehoshua and Miriam Grossman
In honor of Rabbi Leib Kelman Mrs. Zlata Press the entire Prospect Park staff
Avigail (Reich) Eisenstadt
David and Rebecca Cohen
Elina & Michael Furman
Chana Serle
Suri Handelsman
Rachelle Katz
Michelle and Elliot Beyda
Devora Weinberg
Brocha Spira
Rifky Mittelman
Dassy Bakst
Levi and Dalia Kelman
Suri Elbogen
Josh & Sandy Eller
In honor of Rabbi & Mrs. Akiva Kelman - keep on making us proud!
Leah (Postelnik) Greenberg
Henni Greenfield (Davidson)
Moshe and Shavi Bodner
In Honor of R' Leib Kelman Working with you over the past year has opened my eyes to the enormous responsibilities you take upon yourself in running the Yeshiva. Your dedication and caring for the Students and Faculty is endless. May the R'bono Shel Olam grant many more years of gezunt so you can continue providing the leadership and direction to Bnos Leah Prospect Park Yeshiva.
Raizy Sirote
Miril Carmen
Brina Schwartz
Leah Brodt
Chana Rochel Bareket
Shoshana Rivka (Hardt) Bloom
chaya sima wahrman
Mirie Elias
Blima Steinmetz
Moshe and Rena Gershkovich
Michal Aryeh
Mrs. Osnat Klestzick
Sorah Cohen
Sarah Wiederblank
Tova Krausz
Esther Klein
Faigie schwarcz
Menachem and Chana L Welis
Ada Weingarten
Eshter Kutoff
Shari Freeman
Baruch & Chani Zlotowitz
Esther Elbaum
Mrs. Esther Shemtob
With much appreciation!
Blimie Steinherz Lindenblatt
Racheli Indig
Yocheved Levitan
Tova (Mayerfeld) Weiss
Adina Shmidman
Thank you for an exceptional high school experience.
Brooklyn Low Voltage Supply
Mishael and Diana Fattakhov
Mr. and Mrs. Shlomo Nechmad
Moshe and Rivka Michael
Goldie Bloom
Ben kafash
In honor of Kaylee and chloe and all the children
Yehudis Burnstein
Michal Tamar Rubin (Respler)
In honor of Mrs. Press, Mrs. Shreibman and all the amazing teachers. Thank you for inspiring me and all your talmidos.
Abby Linsky
L'iluy Nishmas Shmuel Ben Fishel
Baila Feinstein
Aliza Fruchthandler
Nechama Foxman
Sarah Weisz
In honor of Rabbi Leib and Brocha Kelman and in honor of our granddaughter Henny Weisz.
Leah Dreyfuss
Bina Gamzon
Chana Schwartz
Elisheva (Gottesman) Grossman
Michal (Schwab) Frischman
Esther Sosowsky
Gitty Kohn
Binyomin and Batsheva Berkovits
I am so fortunate to work with such a stellar team of administrators, teachers and parents. May we all see continued siyata dishmaya and hatzlocha.
Rivky Abrin
Naftali and Sara Besser
Tzippy and Esther Halpert
Yermie and Leah Miri Lehrman
In memory of David and Celia Lehrman A"H
Yehudith (Gellis) Sandorfy
In honor of the incredible teachers who dedicate their lives to the future wives and mothers in Klal Yisrael. Hashem Yishalem Scharan!
Chaya and Ari Cohen
Lilui Nishmas Shaindel bas Yisroel Halevi
Shana stern/koplowitz
Devorah Esther Snider
Rachel (Barry) Novick
Sara Nagel
לע״נ שלמה מאיר בן הרב צבי
Malky Bergstein
Dina and mordechai jacobs
Shuli Rotenberg
Tammy Neuman
Shaina Krumholtz (Brander)
Sarah Tepper
Dr. and Mrs. Morton Kleiner
In recognition of the excellent administration, Teachers and staff of Bnos Leah Prospect Park Yeshiva.
Mrs. Rochel Blonder
Rabbi and Mrs. Shlom Wolman
Ruti Adler
Mrs. Esther Osias
Mr. and Mrs. Menache Dreyfuss
Bernard and Bernice Goodman
Julie Schorr
Orly Seidman
Sarah Felsen
Yechezkel and Baila Skovronsky
Eva Aberbach
Luzy and Batya Steinmetz
Our deepest gratitude and appreciation to our daughters' teachers for the unparalleled chinuch you provide. We look forward to our continued partnership in helping our children grow to their fullest potential as Bnos Yisroel
Shira Zeiger
D. Laster
Suri Spector
With appreciation
Leah Sherman-Shapiro
In honor of Mrs. Press, thank you for the amazing Koheles lectures! Thank you BLOPPY for the education that I received and all that was instilled in me!
Miriam Steinherz Student
Easy Pest Control
Beth Rabinowitz
Leah Rabinowitz (Fleischmann)
Channa Lee Stolper
Leah Werner Iskowitz
Frady Goldbrenner
With endless Hakoras Hatov to Mrs. Press and Mrs. Shreibman for a lifetime of chinuch.
Chaya Hager
With much appreciation to Mrs. Press for the Kohelet shiur
Shmuel and Rachel Menahemov
With much hakaras hatov for 14 wonderful years
Riki Statfeld
Malka Zimmerman
Sara Shilcrat Kaplan
With much appreciation to Mrs. Press for the Kohelet shiur
Devorah Zakon
Adeena Jacob
Perri Leb Blobstein
With much appreciation
Avromie and Miriam Soffer
Elleshevah Rybstein
Shira and Uri Morris
Rozzie Slepoy
Nechama Gelb
Pessy (Aronovitch) Nimchinsky
Yasher kochachem to the administrative team and teachers for imbibing Bnos Yisroel with genuine Torah values that stick with us for life.
Sendy and Raizy Berger
Nechi Berman
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Nagler
Michal Wahba
Yael Schuster
Debbie Rudin
Eliezer and Sara Rooz
Perlstein Memorial
Marlene Sardar
Shaindy Pinsker
Shira Rosenberg
Miriam Ostreicher
Naomi Esther (Greenberger) Lerman
Thank you Mrs. Press for the wonderful Koheles series! I look forward to the next class!
Ahuva Rappaport
Tova Portnoy
Etty Friedman
Ruchie Peppard
Chani Oelbaum
Tova Ehrman
Malkie Probst
Perry Englard
Chaya Etti Adler
Shira Kirshenbaum
Rivka Martin
Hindy Krumbein
Avrohom Yeshaya & Shevy Appel
Cynthia Berns
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ginsberg
Rachelle Pultman
Mr. and Mrs. Shaul Taub
Rabbi and Mrs. Faive Rimler
Mr. and Mrs. Abba Mo Diskind
Mrs. Leah Rooz
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Hoenlein
Mark and Rivka Kaplow
Dr. and Mrs. Neal Ringel
Mr. and Mrs. Zachar Engel
Gail Fier
Tamar Lowenthal
Dov & Dena Nierenberg
Rabbi and Mrs. Avrah Harari
Morah Pessie Konigsberg
Moti and Mashi Laufer
Suri Stern
With tremendous hakoras hatov for a solid well rounded education
Miss Ahuva Bauminger
Margaret Grazi
Faigy Grossman
Gitty Grossman
Geulah Kadosh
Chaya Gunsburg
Sarah Ita Zomick
Deena Stark
In honor of Mrs Press: Thank you so much for the Koheles class - and the Pirkei Avos and the Yoimim Noraim classes! Loved every minute and I look forward to more (PLEASE)!
Dovid & Chavie Gold
In memory of Rav Avraham Kelman
Malky Meth
Yakov and Rivka Warshavchik
Eli and Hindy Schwartz
Gavriel and Leah Schwab
Mendy and Leala Rosner
Shlomo and Sara Rosenzweig
Mr. and Mrs. Shabsi Moskovitz
Leah Mark
Esther Kundin
Rabbi Leib and Broch Kelman
Moshe Zvi and Necham Kelman
Chaim and Shaindy Goldberg
Yosefa Rochel Freilich
Miri Firestone
Yaakov and Dina Feldman
Pinchus and Rivky Feldman
Joey and Suri Aron
Rikki Eisner
Devorah Weis
Elisheva Aber
Shoshana Deutsch
Yossef & Rimma Azizo
Thank you to the dedicated teachers and staff!
Shaindy Lebovic
Layala (Feintuch) Males
Devorah Zachai
Dvora Reichel
Thank you Mrs. Press for the Koheles class! Perfect topic, perfect delivery. I savored every minute!
Rifky Sompolinsky
LI"N Yosef ben Shmuel Ahron
Chaya Binsky
Thank you so much for helping shape me into the person I am today. I am so proud to be a BLOPPY graduate and hope to be a source of nachas to the best school in existence!
Sara (Blumberg) Hojda
With much Hakaras HaTov
Sari Kellerman (Kahan-Frankl)
In honor of the wonderful teachers I was so fortunate to have. May you have much koach and s’yata dishmaya to continue all that you do.
Nechama Goodman
Thank you for the wonderful high school experience you gave me!
Yirmiyahu and Malky Cohen
Esti Mittelman
Chaim Yehuda Meyer
In honor of my mother, Mrs. Meyer
Adina & Yoni Gesserman
Faigy Brand
Miriam (Yavne) Friedman
Thank you Mrs. Press for the Koheles Shiur! I really enjoyed!
Yitzchok Mizrahi
Miri Blumenkrantz
Mimi Seif
In appreciation for the education and memories from high school.
Ahuva Kutner
Nechi Bochner
Anna Aronovitch
Aharon & Racheli Blumenkrantz
Malke Borow
Beena Wolman Tauber
Devora Dratler
Surie Dessler
Rabbi and Mrs. Joel Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Chaim Frenkel
Steven and Dina Horowitz
Malkie Gold
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Semah
Mr. and Mrs. David Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Shimon Kaushanskiy
Chaya Burns
Devorah Bobker
Layala Salomon
Naomi Moskowitz
In Honor of Mrs. Press
Leeba and Shaul Stein
It was so enjoyable to participate in Mrs. Press' Koheles shuir! It was a little taste of our youth, and I look forward to more!
Sholom and Raizy Brickman
Mr. and Mrs. Heshy Lowy
Mr. and Mrs. Yehuda Weinberger
Abish and Flori Mendel
Mr. and Mrs. Chaim Jearolmen
Carey and Nancy Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Shimon Eckstein
Mr. and Mrs. Nissan Bamshad
Mrs. Karen Sardell
Mr. and Mrs. Chaim Schattner
Mordechai and Necham Ettinger
Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim Fishman
Mr. and Mrs. Avrohom Wagschal
Rabbi and Mrs. Leib Pinter
Mr. and Mrs. David Rosenberg
To our granddaughter Henny Weisz, we should see lots of nachas from you.
Mr. Seth Berman
Yocheved Herzon
Chana Goldman
Mr. Henry Gross
Penina Braunstein
Chanie Derdik
Ettie Steinmetz
Eliana (Auman) Kazarnovsky
In honor of the wonderful hanhalah and teachers! I’m so proud to be a BLOPPY alumna!
Naomi Scheier
Nissan & Bayla Gewirtzman
Dina Khalili Benolol
Raizy Wagschal
Esther Malka Rosengarten
Meira and Mordechai Schiffman
Thank you to all of the wonderful teachers, administrators and staff at PPY! We appreciate everything that you do for our daughters and the community. May HaShem continue to bless you and all of Klal Yisroel with continued strength, me'chayil l'chayil.
Mr. and Mrs. Shmuel Mendlowitz
Frayda Sauber
Aura Sutton



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